Writing a CV

Writing a CV calls for a thorough exploration of your career with the objective of identifying:

  1. Your Key Achievements illustrated by reference to previous employment or experience
  2. Your Career Progress illustrating your personal growth and development,
  3. Your Contributions to previous employers ideally with measurable and timed outputs
  4. An Insight To Your Characteristics, Strengths and Motivators easily specified from Career Testing such as, for example the Psychometric and Interest Testing used here.

So, writing a CV that is a winning CV will assemble all this in such a way that it will catch the employers attention and interest, and create a desire to employ you. Your target is to acquire the presentation skills to make the best use of a winning CV.

CV Pitfalls To Avoid

Four common mistakes in writing a CV

You only have a brief opportunity to impress when an employer picks up your CV. Make sure you don't blow it by making these mistakes:

  • Too long - more than two pages gets close to immediate binning
  • Too much ink - can it be visually scanned in a few seconds? No? Discard
  • No profile instantly obvious at top of page 1 - a probable discard
  • No easily digestible bullet achievements/skills points - sorry, gone
  • Irrelevance - if not relevant to the reader - a certain discard

At the first scan - takes maybe 10 seconds - the reader only wants to assess what you can do for his/her organisation. If the CV fails this test then anything else is extraneous.


You must avoid these mistakes at all costs in composing your CV and then you may make the most of what might be only a fleeting opportunity to score a success

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