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Psychometric Testing

Sheridan Careers Consultancy uses the powerful and globally used DISC Psychometric Test system. The output from this is a personalised and comprehensive report that falls into the following three main areas that will help you to understand how to be more effective in the management of your career, how to optimise your interactions with others, and how to recognise that your personal behavioural style correlates to identifiable career directions.

Firstly, the personality tests based on the DISC style assessment system tell you about

  • Your natural behavioural style and an ideal job for you will match your style closely
  • Your strengths and what you bring to an organisation - these will be of particular interest to employers
  • An understanding of what factors really motivates you at work - the perfect job for you will offer these factors
  • Insightful relationship-building skills through which you can develop Skills for those every day interactions
  • An understanding of any behavioural traits that might hold you back - you can practise modifying these

Secondly, the personality test will be a coaching manual that:

  • Identifies career options
  • Gives you an understanding of the four main observable behavioural styles 
  • Provides you with strategies to guide you in your interactions with either styles similar or even opposite to yours
  • Provides you with skill in interpreting other peoples observable behavioural styles
  • Equip you for negotiation or interview situations.- being able to "read" the other party gives you a huge advantage.

And, thirdly, the output from the tests will assist you:

  • by identifying roles that are a potential match to you, consistent with your behavioural style
  • Facilitate exploration of other related roles that could also offer matches to your behavioural styles
  • permit exploration of roles that interest you even if not suggested by the testing - this will allow you to avoid any mistakes in career choice
  • Provides a focus for a future career
  • Prevents a Career mistake by clearly signposting wrong choices.

How does it all work?

Firstly, the personality tests

Your personality tests, or Psychometric Testing, will enable you to turn every interaction into a successful contact, even with individuals we have found difficult previously.

Why is that? It is because what you learn about yourself teaches you how to "read" other peoples' behaviour, which is vastly useful at situations such as the job interview.

This knowledge will change your natural focus to your goals and remove your fears. You will learn to focus on your strengths and to sort out any limitations you have discovered about yourself.

Here is the secret of success

Psychometric personality tests identify external observable behaviours, which, because we can see and hear these external behaviours, means we can easily "read" people and that is a fantastic skill that we can use in a job interview or at a meeting.

Think of the huge advantage you get from this. The job interview becomes quite a different encounter when we "read" the interviewer's behaviour . The interviewer may be unaware that they are displaying their observable behaviour signals - giving the game away.

What do we learn?

From this exercise we learn from the Psychometric Testing outputs

  1. Our own behaviour tendencies and of these which is most important for us
  2. The value of adaptability - helps us modify our behaviour in certain situations
  3. The Platinum Rule that enables us to "read" others and treat them accordingly

Psychometric Testing - Benefits

By undertaking this Psychometric Testing in combination, you obtain the significant key knowledge that you require to make totally informed career change and education choices and avoid making any career change mistakes.

Our experience tells is that mistaken career choices are what have caused most grief to clients, and they are very happy to find the means to get on the right track

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