How our interview tips could get you the career you seek

The best interview tips will seem blindingly obvious, but, often it is worth hearing the obvious to clarify the thinking, so here we go. The three best interview tips would be:

  • Aim to get the interview invitation
  • Anticipate the interview questions
  • Research/rehearse your interview answers

Getting the all important interview

There are three activities that could result in your being invited to job interviews or meetings. Not one activity will specifically have this outcome guaranteed which is why a well conducted campaign will embrace all three activities. The activities are:

  • Networking: an excellent method of reaching decision makers on a personal basis
  • Job Advertisements: extremely competitive but still not to be overlooked
  • Pro-active broadcast letters: historically and statistically the most productive of the three

A well organised campaign would maintain progress on all three strands and give you an opportunity to use the interview questions and interview answers that we have worked on.

Anticipate the interview questions


The second of the interview tips is to anticipate the interview questions which is not as difficult as it sounds. Based on our experience of interviews, it does not take clairvoyant powers to anticipate the interview questions. They are likely to fall in the following broad categories:

  • Introductory - usually pleasantries to break the ice
  • Invitation to tell a bit about yourself - gives them an insight to your style and presentation
  • Probing follow up questions to explore your presentation in a bit more depth
  • Competence and skill - to explore your skills and how you might handle situations
  • Challenging questions to determine your response to a bit of pressure
  • Trick questions for the unwary to tempt them into indiscreet, critical or negative responses

To summarise, the interview questions are reasonably predictable although the order in which they come may not be, However, the interviewer is trying to obtain as much information as he can about the candidate, the contribution they are likely to make to the organisation and how they will fit in to the team.

Anticipate the interview answers

It can be seen that a well prepared candidate will have little difficulty in responding with the interview answers and the guiding principles are:

  • Accept the questioning in the spirit it is put in your interview answers
  • Answer directly and honestly from your personal knowledge, being honest at all times
  • Refrain from any negativity, or criticisms of previous positions or employers
  • Respond with achievement examples in your interview; answer from your experience
  • When invited, question the interviewer to fill in blanks about the company and its ethos

Your objective in attending the interview is to establish a dialogue of interview questions and interview answers in which you inform the company of your potential contribution based on examples of your achievements, skills and characteristics, while establishing at the same time if this is an organisation that would meet your requirements by offering a work environment, style and ethos that matches yourself. The outcome of such a dialogue is an informed decision by both parties.

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