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Experienced Interview Training in Glasgow, Available UK-Wide!

What value do you place on getting out of an unsatisfactory job situation?
Get the edge in the career change stakes with our interview coaching -- we can help to get the you the job you deserve!
Relief from an unsatisfactory work situation comes in a great number of forms, but then every Monday - it is back to the job.

Why not take action? Prepare for change!

Interview Success

Interview Success

Interview Advice

Our interview advice and help simplifies the career change process. Take control of your career by perusing our Interview Tips, your CV, the skills and techniques to use at your job interview because - best of all - once you have the vital interview coaching to give you the tools and confidence you require, you'll have them for life!

Interview Coaching

We provide interview coaching that will set you on your ideal career path. Be prepared for a fiercely competitive market and all the available interview training, techniques, careers guidance and tools will be invaluable in enabling you to achieve your top goal - to get the job that is right for you. The career change you seek can then be yours!

Professional Presentation

Prospective employers have one main priority. They need to be convinced that the candidates are right for their organisation. So, by undertaking our interview training, you will become relaxed, confident and knowledgeable about what you will bring to the employer. For this you will have a winning CV, as well as coaching in winning with our interview advice. We will concentrate on how you present:

  • Your Achievements
  • Your Personal Qualities
  • Your Transferable Skills
  • Your Self Knowledge
  • Your Ability To Present Yourself
  • Your Ability To Help The Interviewer Who May Not Be As Well Prepared As You
  • Your Ability To Have a Dialogue With The Interviewer About The Company

Interview Practise

As part of our interview coaching, we will hold mock interviews to rehearse your interview technique and, consequently, your self-confidence will soar and the preparation will make you the stand-out candidate; giving you the edge so your career change can become a reality.

Practice really does make perfect. Take inspiration from Nicola Benedetti shown here at the Classic Brit Awards 2013, the reward for her commitment to perfection with her violin and aim for your award - the career of your choice.

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