Discovering your career choices

Here you choose the amount of support and assistance you want to help you to make a career decision.

This consultancy offers:

  • You get a choice of service level
  • You get flexible services with meetings being held by video conferencing at times of day to suit
  • You can avoid the costs and inconvenience of travelling to meetings

Option 1: Online testing, personality and interest

Get full, professional, personal reports for self appraisal of the content and conclusions regarding everything from:

  • Your strengths (Report 1)
  • Your ideal career options (Report 2)

Select option 1 from the online shop.

Web Offer: Obtain both reports for personal appraisal. There are savings if both are ordered together.

Option 2: Online testing as above, with adviser input

Get both tests and reports as detailed in Option 1 with the inclusion of an adviser consultation for input to the interpretation and understanding of your personal reports, typically for three hours; you have the choice for the time of day.

Select option 2 from the online shop.

Option 3: Online testing with comprehensive adviser input

The online testing as Option 1 with comprehensive adviser assistance to interpret and explore fully each individual personal report. There are three adviser meetings concluding with an additional report, i.e. Your Career Strategy prepared by the adviser from the reports, from your responses and inputs and from our professional input and knowledge

Select option 3 from the online shop.

Call us now on 0333-800-0898 (using your mobile minutes) from your mobile or you can call us on 0800 970 5545 from a landline. Alternatively, visit the contact page for other communication methods for your free preliminary consultation.

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