Career Choice

10 steps to take towards finding your ideal career

It is not easy to make the correct career choice and get the job. There are some key things you need to know. Sheridan Careers Consultancy has years of expertise to offer and provides Career Guidance and good careers advice to help make it happen for our clients.

There is a correlation between understanding your own personality, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and achieving happiness at work. Psychometric tests hold the key to this knowledge and remove the stress that career choice can create.

Here are 10 elements you should know about yourself:

  1. Appreciate the way you naturally work and interact
  2. Trust in and understand your strengths
  3. Be aware of any possible weaknesses
  4. Recognise what you needs are that you require to be satisfied to function at a good leve
  5. Know what factors really motivate you
  6. Envisage the best possible environment for you
  7. Understand how stress impacts on how you behave and interact
  8. Be aware of your preferences for management interaction and style
  9. Appreciate the importance for you of peer group interaction and behaviour.
  10. Recognise that there is life outside of work and the need for good home backup on occasions

This knowledge can and should be gained, for example, from Psychometric tests, before you contemplate seeking the Role or career choice that is going to change your life by meeting the standards that mean happiness at work for you.

Do not be concerned by how to achieve all of the above - working with Sheridan Careers Consultancy makes it happen. Our clients find the process really helpful and enjoy working with us.

We will equip you with these tools:

  • Winning CV and crafted letters
  • Interview skills,
  • Networking Skills,
  • Systematic Approach
  • Details of hundreds of Companies that are a match
  • Hands on support at every stage

You will be astonished at the progress that we make working with you and interpreting the psychometric tests and the reports that you receive!


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