Career Plan

Time now to plan to join the minority of the working population who are happy at their work by changing your career today. This will call for a Career Plan.

A Career Plan, that your UK career change consultant will help you prepare, will enable you to realise your strengths, weaknesses and what you have to offer an employer. We can help you analyse the type of working environment that best suits your personality and effect your change of career with the minimum amount of stress and disruption to your life.

The first stage of the Career Plan and finding the perfect, new career involves:

  • Psychometric Testing A very accurate 20 page report and discussion on your strengths and personality.
  • Interest testing Report and review meeting to find the right career for you.
  • A career strategy report This report condenses the above findings into a useful career tool.

Your career change advisor can help fully interpret these hugely accurate and informative reports and turn them into real career tools.

Turn your career plan into reality

The second stage of finding the perfect career involves:

  • Writing a winning CV We can help prepare a CV that will stand out from the rest
  • Applying for a new career Our team are experts in completing application forms and can help with other correspondence. We can assist you in effectively communication why you are changing career and why you are passionate abour your new, chosen career.
  • Career skills With years of experience in career change, we can equip you with the skills and advice you need to succeed
  • Interview feedback and de-briefing Following an interview, we can help you analyse your performance and feedback to help you improve for the future

Call us now on 0333-800-0898 (using your mobile minutes) from your mobile or you can call us on 0800- 970-5545 (at your standard rate) from a landline. Alternatively, visit the contact page for other communication methods for your free preliminary consultation. Our career consultants are available to discuss how you can effect your change of career today!

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