How to have a self-employed career

Opting for self-employment can be daunting and challenging at the same time. Once you get help with becoming self-employed to start your own business, you are on your way - it is all in the preparation. This is the moment to stand out from all those in employment and venture into self-employment.

Your consultant, who will assist you, is an experienced entrepreneur with personal, first-hand experience of business start up, self-employment, growing business, employing people, building markets and organising funding.

Many hundreds of people like you have been helped by us to start up business - everything from the self-employed sole trader, to partnerships, to multi-million pound turnover businesses.

The Business Start up steps

Your Business Idea

Firstly, test it with a business plan.

Preparing a business plan is a risk free way of weighing up your business idea before you take the plunge into self-employment with your business launch. The most important section will be your marketing research and strategy. Prove to yourself that there is a market with customers for your product and services and satisfy yourself and any external bodies that your business idea is valid. An experienced adviser will guide you through this working with you on-to-one providing free plan templates and financial model spreadsheets.

Select the most appropriate legal structure

These are the main options:

  • Self employment or Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership.

We will help guide this choice as part of our help with business start up.

Then we will ensure that you do all that you are legally required to do, whether registering as a self-employed sole trader, forming a partnership or forming a Limited Company.

Our expertise will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken.

Start up Business Funding

Business funding is a key area when you venture into self employment or business start up. You need to establish through your financial projections prepared as part of the business plan

  • How much funding is required
  • The Availability of funding from own resources
  • Sources of lending especially important in the current economic climate
  • Any public funding available- regrettably limited currently

Business Launch

Once all of the preceding steps are taken, your business start-up is good to go and the marketing strategy arrived in the preparation of the business plan should ensure a successful launch with customers and consumers primed and ready to buy the products and services.

What to do next

Find out how to access our free business plan templates and spreadsheets. Find out how we help with the crucial planning process.

Call us now on 0333-800-0898 (using your mobile minutes) from your mobile or you can call us on 0800 970 5545 from a landline. Alternatively, visit the contact page for other communication methods for your free preliminary consultation.

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