A self-employed career?

A self-employed career?

Becoming self-employed is the simplest way of starting a business and it calls only for a few basic formalities and here are a few guidelines:

  • You are only required to advise the government that you have started
  • You need to ensure that your trading name is not an existing Limited Company name
  • You are not required to register your business name with anybody
  • You are not required to publish accounts.
  • You become responsible for paying your own National Insurance (NI) and Income Tax

Straightforward? Well it basically is, but there are a few cautions...

  • If you are starting a business on which you will depend for your earnings and to pay your household expenses, it is important to get it right and to see past the deceptive ease with which you can get started. This means a good Business Plan comes first
  • Becoming self-employed successfully might call for you to learn some new skills and knowledge that will show you how to be self-employed profitably
  • There are a few more recommended actions you should take; e,g, banking, insurances etc.

Let us help you to get off to a good start.

Call us today before you start - our experience repeatedly shows that there is a lot of truth in the well worn saying:

"Fail to plan and you plan to fail"

Why call us?

  • To get one-to-one guidance from a professional start-up adviser, to help you have an easy transition into becoming self-employed
  • To learn from the experience available to help negotiate the pitfalls in starting a business
  • To ensure that all the boxes are ticked and you go into business in the full knowledge of how to be self-employed successfully
  • To ensure that financing career choice is not a problem that might stop you

One-to-one personal working provides practical help that is worth a lot more than any vast website packed with information requiring navigation.

What to do next

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