Career path - the vital career choice

Are you a recent graduate? or Is your Career stalling?

Choosing the right career path is crucial at all stages from Post-Grad to anybody struggling in a career that disappoints or frustrates. You can make sure you are one step ahead of your peers by developing career options and career opportunities.

With competition for every job, you need to be on the right career path and, then, be on the ball to land the job to which you aspire or to get the job that will reshape your life.

Dont waste time in roles that wont help you in the future; rely on the experts for career development that works for you and sets you on the right career path.

Career choice, especially the first, is not an easy matter:

  • Difficulty arises when there is no definite career path in mind
  • Defining your careerpath is also problematic without a structure
  • A lack of the skills to find the career options or career opportunities creates obstacles

There are many ways we can help immediately:

Here is how we help you to avoid making a serious career mistake

Career choices range from Accounting... to ...Zoology - so, our career testing will give you a list of careers and work environments that are right for you. Focus on these and eliminate all others and you will avoid the risk of losing years of career development.


Our DISCstyles Career Management Report provides :

Personality Testing that will also signpost the right work environment for you - the ethos, culture, people and challenges. With this information you can choose the right organisation - avoiding any mistakes.

Occupation Direction that will generate a list of occupations that are the closest match to your natural behavioural style. These will provide a starting point for exploring jobs that are the best match to your natural communication preferences and behavioural strengths.

With this information you can make the right career choices - avoiding any mistakes.

Here is how we go about it

Our Professional Career Development processes, career testing systems and techniques give you all of this - all at reasonable fee levels without VAT.

To turn it into reality we provide you with information and help from:

  • Our Knowledge Base of thousands of companies UK Wide
  • Practical Assistance at every stage
  • Coaching in Interview skills
  • CV preparation and all related written materials for a career campaign
  • Marketing strategies and marketing support

Call us now on 0333-800-0898 (using your mobile minutes) from your mobile or you can call us on 0800 970 5545 from a landline. Alternatively, visit the contact page for other communication methods for your free preliminary consultation.

The Solution

Working with Sheridan Careers Consultancy means working with a careers management consultant whose mission is to help our clients from Students and Graduates onwards get on the right Career Track from the outset.

The Outcomes

  • Get the right career choice first time around
  • Join the select 8% of the working population who are happy at their work
  • Get the essential life and career skills that will put you in control of your career for life - irrespective of the vagaries of economies, companies and markets

When you consider the factors that go into making the correct choice, it's easy to see why only 8% of the population get it right...

Get it right first time...and life only gets better. Just ask our clients.

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