Value of Psychometric Tests

26th March 2014

Psychometric tests? - Personality Tests? - Load of rubbish!


Personality Test such as Psychometric Tests are not always understood as a recent light hearted tweet suggests:

Psychometric tests measure how much of a psycho you are?

Well - we all have good points too.

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While it is not good to take things excessively seriously, I think there are three myths that ought to be de-bunked.


some might say that Psychometric tests are hocus pocus and tell us what we want to hear, and we can manipulate the answers anyway to ensure this

Well, the Psychometric Test conclusions are based on the interpretation of reports produced from clients answering 24 simple multiple choice questions and experience over many years shows that not a single client has ever refuted the conclusions.

Not only that, but clients have been accompanied by somebody who knows them very well (e.g. wives, mothers, husbands, partners) with the express purpose of having a second opinion present at meetings to go through the interpretation of the report findings with the consultant. To a "T "was one assessment

That would simply not be the case if either the client or the consultant were able to (or even wished to) fudge the issues when answering or interpreting.


others claim - I have a complete self knowledge I do not need Psychometric Tests to tell me my strengths

Well, the Reports produced by Psychometric Tests can be a real eye-opener - telling people about their behavioural tendencies, strengths and areas for development (we do not say weaknesses). However, for example, the direct communicators probably know that is what they are, but they may be blissfully unaware of the adverse impact they can create daily by this habit.

So, by going through the process they can learn about their own behaviours and also learn how to modify these where advisable. They can also learn, by extension, to read other peoples visible external behavioural signs how useful is that in a negotiation, interview or inter-action?


yet more views are that I am able to choose my job I have done it before and I can do it again without the help of Psychometric Tests

That really is the problem 7 million unhappy workers (Personnel Today) one quarter of all between 16 and 34 fail to derive any kind of satisfaction at work i.e. that only covers those who have a job. In my experience, the world is full of lawyers, doctors, surveyors, teachers, sales and marketers the list is endless.who all have one thing in common. They all have hated their working life and environment, and, significantly, all have chosen their jobs in the first place, sometimes several attempts.

A Psychometric Test can direct you to the kind of work, the challenges, the kind of environment and people you would enjoy and would be right for your personality, natural behaviours and strengths.

Why would you not build this into your planning as many have done and who have voiced their un-reserved satisfaction?

Perhaps we could re-visit that poll now.[polldaddy poll=5114781]

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