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Career Change is the top priority that prompts individuals to make contact with Sheridan Careers Consultancy. Our clients tell us they are unhappy in their job. They do not know how to change their situation, and find a job in which they will be happy. We work with our clients to solve their problem, by helping to define their correct career direction and find that all important change of career.

You can consult with us in a variety of ways, for example by Skype or one-to-one meetings. Contact us to book a free initial consultation. It could lead to a happy outcome as it did for one client who told us:

"First of all the important news - I got the job. I can never repay you for your support. Thanks to you I had a great CV to offer, but, more importantly, you gave me the confidence in my abilities and I now have my self-belief back that had been so undermined by my recent experiences. Thanks again for everything." M.E. Oct 2008

Visit our ​Career Choices to learn about the 10 steps to take in arriving at the correct career choice; to get coaching in all the necessary career tools and skills; to develop a career strategy to reach the solution, including access to company data with named contacts and their contact information. Throughout, there will be one-to-one support from a knowledgeable career expert.    

Careers Advice with you in mind

On our career journey, there are times when help may be needed. Click on the Careers Advice below to hear from Bernard Sheridan how this consultancy will help you at the key moments in your careers:

Careers Advice

The three main stages in our work life

We meet clients at each of the following main career stages and help them to make the right choices. 

Graduates - new and recent

Congratulations. After the celebrations are over, thoughts usually turn to the next step - time to think about a career. If you are struggling to choose a career, please do not despair, because help is available here on our Life Changing Actions page.

Happy graduates

A recently graduated client summed up his experience of working with us:

"After 4 years in the workplace , post university education, I was in need of direction as well as a better understanding of my personality and characteristics in selecting a workplace and career. However after working together with Bernard, I had a much clearer understanding of myself and where I want to be in the future. In addition to this, I now have a great deal of information on myself which I can refer to again and again for guidance as I progress through life and my career"

J.K. - Nov 2010

To make progress now, get help  on our Life Changing Actions page.

Parents and families of Graduates - a suggestion

If your son, daughter, or other relative shows signs of struggling with coming to a career decision, the most effective thing you might do is get them some professional expert support by checking out what is available here.

Parents and Graduates

A wrong choice or even no choice could cost them dearly in terms of missed job satisfaction and delay in making career progress up the ladder of achievement which would be galling after their early success in obtaining their Degree. ....Graduation Day is a memorable day, and with the scroll safely in hand, the next step is to embark on a career - a big decision that needs to be the right decision. It is often easier and safer to get help with this step and help is available on our Graduate Career Advice page.

So click here to find out more.


It is not uncommon to discover that our first or our early career choices are not our best decisions. We usually do not have enough information at an earlier stage in our work life, but with help this can be remedied and a good choice made with  our mid-career help.

Mid-Life Career Change

A client at such a mid career cross-roads said later after working with us:

 "I always look back and think that it was your advice and enthusiasm that really got my career moving again after it had been stuck in a rut for 5 years and for that I'll always be grateful to you"

I.G. - Jan 2015

You can make the right choice now  with our help.

Maturity brings experience

In this day and age when 50 is the new 40 and 60 the new 45, the mature amongst us offer experience, knowledge and lots more, so its not too late with a bit of help to find an opportunity to pass on that experience see tips at Career Choice.

Mature Client

There is no doubt that there are employers and organisations who could use your experience so check our  tips at Career Choice  then get in touch.

Call us now on 0333-800-0898 (using your mobile minutes) from your mobile or you can call us on 0800-970-5545 (at your standard rate) from a landline. Alternatively, visit the contact page for other communication methods for your free preliminary consultation with one of our career consultants.

If you have previously received our career guidance, we invite you to visit our Google Places page and leave us a review!

and finally, listen to the words of the late Steve Jobs.........

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